Beginning 3D Modeling for Games and Animation Title Graphic
Beginning 3D Modeling for Games and Animation Product Display Graphic
This video set is a foundation training course focused on the process of creating 3D props and environments for games and animation. You will be taken through the entire process of setting up your workspace in Maya, Mudbox, Unity 3D, polygon and nurbs modeling, UV mapping, shaders, textures, maps, animation, graph editor, and advanced Mental Ray lighting and Final Gather. Every step is explained in detail and alternate options are discussed and pointed out. Many challenges are addressed, such as units, grids, UV mapping and using the UV Texture Editor. Learn about normals, professional modeling techniques, high-rez and low-rez polygonal modeling, clay rendering, specular, reflection, transparency and normal map creation. All neccessary files and Photoshop files are included with the videos.
Sample Clip
Sample Clip
Topics Covered
The Maya Interface, Mudbox Interface, Unity 3d Interface, Setting up a new project, Setting up Image Planes, Modeling a High-Rez Polygon Object, Converting High-Rez Polygon Objects to Low-Rez for In-Game use, Nurbs Modeling, UV Mapping, Unwrapping, Creating UV Snapshots, Creating Shaders, Texturing, Creating Advanced Texture Maps in Photoshop, Creating Normal Maps from High-Rez Models, Creating Normal Maps from Raster Images, Lighting, Advanced Lighting, Mental Ray Rendering, Image Based Lighting with HDR, Animating, Importing Assets into Game Engines, Final Gather, Shortcut Keys, Combining Mesh, Converting Nurbs to Polygons, Surface Tools, Grid & Unit Setup, Camera Setup, Lens Manipulation & Digital Cinematic Effects, Depth of Field Rendering, Marking Menus, Hot Keys, Layers and much, much more.

"These videos are insanely helpful. They gave details for everything, then I felt confident in pushing my skills to the next level."

James Rogers, Student